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SOP Blitz 2017 2nd Tournament

Last update 01.03.2017 16:21:16, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Spiliopoulos Alexios4214412GRE1920
2Lekkas Dimitrios-Aristotelis4268806GRE1837
3Hararis Dimitrios4242637GRE1825
4Hristopoulos Ioannis4268750GRE1817
5Terzis Filippos-Stamatis4227670GRE1813
6Karahisaridis Vasilios4205480GRE1789
7Vlahopoulos Panagiotis25807358GRE1741
8Polidoropoulos Spiridon4222768GRE1631
9Aggelopoulos Konstantinos4271360GRE1392
10Pavlidis Grigorios25801627GRE1340
11Papachristopoulos Konstantino25874241GRE1309
12Papachristopoulos Georgios25863177GRE1216
13Andreou Georgios Andreas25840606GRE1166
14Sinouris Andreas25840703GRE1127