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Aeroflot Open 2017 A

Last update 01.03.2017 20:15:22, Creator/Last Upload: st.petersburg chess federation

Player overview for EST

45GMKulaots Kaido2590EST½½101001½4,5622529Open A
103WIMNarva Mai2241EST001010½½03,01062257Open B

Results of the last round for EST

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
949103WIMNarva Mai22413 0 - 13 FMZhu Yi231789
92845GMKulaots Kaido25904 ½ - ½4 GMSwapnil S. Dhopade253472

Player details for EST

WIM Narva Mai 2241 EST Rp:2257 Pts. 3,0
145FMMurtazin Bulat2425RUS5,0w 0
266IMCharochkina Daria2383RUS4,5s 0
341Mu Ke2431CHN4,0w 1
459GMOdeev Handszar2397TKM5,0s 0
557IMMammadova Gulnar2401AZE4,0w 1
672IMAlikulov Elbek2371UZB4,0s 0
762WIMShuvalova Polina2387RUS4,5w ½
884IMKathmale Sameer2323IND3,5s ½
989FMZhu Yi2317CHN4,0w 0
GM Kulaots Kaido 2590 EST Rp:2529 Pts. 4,5
194IMXu Yi2444CHN3,0w ½
298IMKaravade Eesha2418IND3,0s ½
396FMAbdusattorov Nodirbek2429UZB3,5w 1
414GMKamsky Gata2669USA6,0s 0
584IMKuybokarov Temur2491UZB4,5w 1
619GMArtemiev Vladislav2655RUS6,0w 0
763GMIndjic Aleksandar2560SRB5,0s 0
859GMGrigoriants Sergey2564RUS4,0s 1
972GMSwapnil S. Dhopade2534IND4,5w ½