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IA U16

Last update 28.02.2017 13:13:49, Creator/Last Upload: salgado allaria, carlos

Starting rank

1A. K. M. Kamruzzaman10220518BAN1885
2A K Kalshyan5045886IND1863
3A E M Doshtagir10207538BAN1840
4A Rajah Abdul Shukor5716373MAS1809
5Abdel Hakim Mohamed10619259EGY1721
6A K M Sourab10206612BAN1705
7Abdel Ghani A Mahmoud10646299EGY1671
8Abdel Haleim Sherif Hamdy10639551EGY1645
9Abdel Hakam Magdy10628835EGY1639
10A B Muhammad Yusop5700230MAS1582
11Abbasov Aydin13419838AZE1576
12Abbasov Azad13417487AZE1483
13Abdel Hameed Elsayed Sameer10643397EGY1469
14A Sohita5080444IND1447
15Abbasov Ibrahim13421255AZE1308
16A Chakravarthy35077023IND1151