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Latvian 2017th Youth chess championship (U-16)

Last update 19.03.2017 18:30:36, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank list of players

3NMSemjonovs Ilja11604263LAT2174Rigas 13.vsk./Raudive
4MKAntonivs Vladislavs11604484LAT2011Riga Chess school/Matisone
10MKBatashevs Arsens11603593LAT2009Riga Chess school/Voronova
2MKLindermans Pavels11606100LAT2006Rigas 13.vsk/Raudive
8MKBryker Oleksandr11604646LAT1983Riga Chess school/Voronova
7MKBekasovs Rihards11606029LAT1969Riga Chess school/Voronova
6MKPetrovs Jaroslavs11604379LAT1855Rigas 13.vsk./Raudive
1MKSolomka Nikita11608862LAT1750VEF/Sakovics
5IMalnieks Karlis11604204LAT1732Jekabpils/Jankovskis
9IPavlovs Nikita11605855LAT1658Riga Chess school/Katisonoks