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Nationale Schaakkampioenschap 2017

Last update 09.04.2017 22:46:00, Creator/Last Upload: surinaamse schaakbond

Starting rank list of players

8CMSanches Casanova Romario8200211SUR2097
12Mungroo Franklin8200122SUR2092
5FMGajadin Dewperkash8200041SUR2030
10CMHanoeman Suradj8200173SUR2022
13FMMatoewi Roger8200084SUR2007
9FMGiasi Viresh8200165SUR1991
14Prade Cedric8201358SUR1909
4Chang Pierre8201030SUR1900
6Lautan Shatish8200190SUR1879
3Ramdat Tewarie John8200491SUR1854
11Kalidjo Imaan8202478SUR1719
1Panchoe Pratul8201668SUR1664
7Kalka Shiva8201749SUR1583
2Bronne Alessandro8201498SUR1546