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X Torneo Universitario Remberto Fernandez Grupo 1

Last update 25.03.2017 02:04:07, Creator/Last Upload: ai isbel herrera del sol

Starting rank list of players

1IMSoto Hernandez Henry3507475CUB2434
2IMFernandez Cardoso Alexey3504379CUB2431
5FMBerdayes Ason Dylan Isidro3516016CUB2414
6IMLopez Gonzalez Abel Fabian3512673CUB2392
9FMCoto Mederos Michel3508528CUB2385
8FMArvola Benjamin1506536NOR2323
7FMAbreu Jean Carlos Paul6405525DOM2292
4CMCifuentes John Jairo4404467COL2264
3Cruz De La Osa Reyder3508935CUB2263
10CMJaquez Juan Manuel6400230DOM2256