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46th Dyfed Open 2017

Last update 26.02.2017 19:24:18, Creator/Last Upload: kevin

Starting rank

1FMStrugnell Carl616753WLS2255
2Kett Tim1801210WLS2193
3FMJones Iolo C1800094WLS2181
4WFMRichmond Jane1800183WLS2126
5May Frank1801201WLS2103
6Powell Lloyd1801406WLS2088
7Brown Thomas1801430WLS2087
8Heap Gerry415650WLS2072
9FMByway Paul V400920ENG2054
10Hewitt William1800280WLS2033
11Rodriguez Juan Talavera1802704WLS2007
12Miles Richard1801139WLS1983
13Waterfield John W407143WLS1968
14Spencer Douglas1801082WLS1962
15Bourne Johnathan D413232ENG1948
16AGMVan Kemenade Rudy410942WLS1947
17Taylor Robert Graham1800841WLS1930
18Ehsandar Peter1801813WLS1928
19May Adam J1800710WLS1922
20Bevan Peter M1800345WLS1917
21Mort Andrew J418846ENG1885
22Greatorex Roger420131ENG1820
23Dixon Chris1801880WLS1817
24Haigh Tony1802569WLS1816
25Eustis IanWLS0
26Whale Michael1803123WLS1788
27Stuart Neil1802577WLS1783
28Bridges Paul1801848WLS1781
29Allford Zane1802798WLS0
30Buttell David416720WLS1748
31Jones Martin C1803310WLS1733
32Philpin Les1803760WLS1719
33Thomas Roy1803190WLS1718
34Jones Huw1804065WLS1707
35Jansen van Rensburg Leon1804782WLS0
36Miller John S1803107WLS0
37Cooke MarkWLS0
38Francis Matthew1802801WLS1634
39Orton Paul1803581WLS1617
40Di-Vetta Andrew1803964WLS1604
41Probert Malcolm1802305WLS1598
42Jones Dewi1803280WLS1534
43Leah Howard1803875WLS0
44Horrell Stephen A1804200WLS1461
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