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Cytonn Investments 2nd HCK Open - Under 8 Section (Unrated)

Last update 27.03.2017 15:49:38, Creator/Last Upload: motochessv

Starting rank

1ADINOYI Benjamin (jr.) AtabaNGR0Braeburn School
2AYAL PetraEST0wTerrian Chess Academy
3DIN AdaaKEN0wNairobi Gymkhana
4JAGATIYA Khush RajeshKEN0Oshwal Academy Nairobi Primary
5KAGONDU AyanaKEN0wLogos Christian School
6KIBE Neville JabaliKEN0Mavens Chess Club
7MAINA EthanKEN0Logos Christian School
8MUCHEMI Melissa MuthoniKEN0wThika Road Christian School
9MURIITHI AlexKEN0Logos Christian School
10NJOROGE Hope Wambui10810374KEN0wTerrian Chess Academy
11PATEL Suhana21600490TAN0wTritonite Stars
12SHAH Darsh Rakesh10810463KEN0Tritonite Stars
13SHAH Hetansh KeyurKEN0Oshwal Academy Nairobi Primary
14SHAH Janvi Nipul10810498KEN0wTritonite Stars
15SHAH Mokksh ElenKEN0Oshwal Academy Nairobi Primary
16SHAH Shubh JaideepKEN0Mombasa Chess Academy
17SHAH Yash RiteshKEN0Nairobi Chess Academy & Club