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OPEN Tatry 2017, Tatranská Lomnica 8.-15.10.2017

Last update 15.10.2017 13:51:26, Creator/Last Upload: slovak chess federation

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 Rp
1IMPetrán Peter2318SVK 39b1 54w1 3b0 31w1136b1 24w½ 73b1 8w1 5b17,545,5220572442
2IMKrnan Tomas2436CAN 63b1 6w1 26b1 3w½ 12b1 8w1 4b½ 5w0 35b17,050,0232962524
3FMSzpar Milosz2331POL 73w1 29b1 1w1 2b½137w1 9b½ 5w0 27b1 13w17,048,5230162464
4IMBerezjuk Sergej2423CZE 30w½ 76b0111w1 34b1 60w1 55b1 2w½ 23b1 9w17,044,0219262386
5FMMotúz Karol2423SVK 22b1 20w1 17b½ 32w1 8b0 58w1 3b1 2b1 1w06,551,0228462429
6FMČertek Pavel2257SVK108w1 2b0 74w½ 64b1 75w1 15b½ 30w1 25b½ 32w16,543,5216152306
7Demeter Peter2206SVK 81w½ 75b1 34w½104b1 9w0 86b1 80w½ 73b1 25w16,539,5209052240
8FMJablonický Martin2319SVK 64w1 36b1 28w½ 27b1 5w1 2b0 20w1 1b0 14w½6,049,5228852389
9IMVyskočil Neklan2325CZE 42b½ 59w½ 46b1 54w1 7b1 3w½ 23b½ 10w1 4b06,048,0223442337
10FMMatras Ondrej2264CZE 46w1 16b½ 76w1 13b½ 11w½ 14b1 25w½ 9b0 58w16,046,0222742331
11FMStraka Vojtěch2344CZE 59b½ 57w1 21b1 28w½ 10b½ 38w½ 16b½ 54w1 19b½6,045,0218832293
12FMJossien Arnaud2325FRA 60w1 27b½ 56w1 14b1 2w0 37b½ 61w1 24b1 -06,044,5221752392
13FMVojtek Vladimír2295SVK 84b1 21w½ 45b1 10w½ 89b1 73w½ 24b½ 33w1 3b06,044,5218942271
14Dzikowski Michal2147POL111b1 19w1 18b½ 12w0141b1 10w0 77b+ 26w1 8b½6,044,0221952263
15Jablonický František2046SVK 35b0116w1 86b1 19w½ 18b1 6w½ 33b0 66w1 54b16,044,0218252271
16Čech Dominik2114SVK113b1 10w½ 23w0 65b1147w1 27b½ 11w½ 29b1 28w½6,043,0219442272
17Tichý Štěpán2197CZE 77b1184w+ 5w½ 23b½ 25w0 67w½ 40b1 39w½ 68b16,043,0217642221
18FMVojta Tomáš2364CZE 76w½ 30b1 14w½ 37b½ 15w0138w1 62b1 58b½ 60w16,042,5210542175
19IMFranzen Jozef2265SVK 62w1 14b0108w1 15b½ 76w½ 74b½ 84w1 38b1 11w½6,042,0210842224
20Škreňo Vladimír2225SVK104w1 5b0 88w1 62b½107w1137b1 8b0 22w½ 59b16,041,0210952199
21Bargel Martin2180CZE 85w1 13b½ 11w0 74b½ 82w½ 43b½110w1 80b1 69w16,040,5204442148
22FMValenta Vít2096CZE 5w0107b0127w1115b1133w1106b1 36w½ 20b½ 55w16,039,0207252162
23IMKernazhitsky Leonid2270UKR 51b1 45w½ 16b1 17w½138b1 25b½ 9w½ 4w0 48b½5,547,0221832230
24Kostolanský Lukáš2209SVK 40b½139w1 31b½ 41w1 26b1 1b½ 13w½ 12w0 39b½5,547,0218432243
25IMKlíma Lukáš2319CZE112b½ 42w1 41b½ 59w1 17b1 23w½ 10b½ 6w½ 7b05,546,5219132258
26Kubík Michael2269CZE 52w1 37b1 2w0 61b1 24w0 51b1 38w½ 14b0 77w15,545,5216152221
27FMMalík Jan2255CZE134b1 12w½ 81b1 8w0 57b1 16w½ 78b1 3w0 41b½5,544,5217542236
28Šárkozy Ladislav2265SVK126b1 38w1 8b½ 11b½ 73w0 40w½ 44b1 41w½ 16b½5,544,5215032214
29Jossien Remy2263FRA 68b1 3w0 44b½ 39w1 62b½ 31w½ 57b1 16w0 67b15,544,5207642138
30Nehyba Martin2100CZE 4b½ 18w0114b1 77w1 32b½ 89w1 6b0 90w1 33b½5,544,0217842216
31Šošovička Jakub2001SVK 47w½ 58b1 24w½ 1b0118w1 29b½ 56w½ 61b½ 91w15,543,5215532188
32Polatel Ali2268TUR139b½112w1 78b1 5b0 30w½ 62w½ 46b1 49w1 6b05,543,0215242219
33FMRückschloss Karol2246SVK 74w½ 34b0 43w1 52b1100w1 79b½ 15w1 13b0 30w½5,543,0204642107
34Hujo Jozef2012SVK 50b½ 33w1 7b½ 4w0117b1 54w0123b+ 78w½ 93b15,542,5212242146
35FMDaels Marc2285BEL 15w1 56b½ 61w½ 73b0 91w1 84b½108w1 37b1 2w05,542,0214142175
36IMPrandstetter Eduard2236CZE 44b1 8w0 57b½126w1 92b1 78w½ 22b½ 59w½ 42b½5,542,0209732159
37Michalička Milan2158SVK128b1 26w0 90b1 18w½116b1 12w½ 42b½ 35w0 80w15,541,5215442201
38Kováčik Emil2115SVK 65w1 28b0107w½ 87b1 98w1 11b½ 26b½ 19w0 97b15,541,5209842150
39Domanski Lukasz2057POL 1w0 79b½110w1 29b0151w1100b1109w1 17b½ 24w½5,541,5205242099
40Lukáč Roman2007SVK 24w½ 47b½ 55w½ 56b½127w1 28b½ 17w0137b1 83w15,541,0210332145
41Šplíchal Stanislav2156CZE 70w½106b1 25w½ 24b0115w1 69b½ 96w1 28b½ 27w½5,540,5209632147
42Pčola Jaroslav2083SVK 9w½ 25b0120w½122b1142w1145b1 37w½ 55b½ 36w½5,539,0209932137
43Socha Jaromír1951CZE 61w½ 55b0 33b0 83w1173b1 21w½161w+ 63w½ 78b15,538,5205442060
44Nikel Rastislav2020SVK 36w0158b1 29w½ 55b0125w1148b1 28w0 82b1 79w15,538,0203452082
45IMBoguszlavszkij Jevgenyij2139HUN 87w1 23b½ 13w0 75b0130w1105b½115w1 74b½ 95w15,537,5202742110
46Czernek Tymon2036POL 10b0143w1 9w0162b1149w½ 82b1 32w0107b1 96w15,537,5201152061
47Zaťko Gregor2205SVK 31b½ 40w½ 77b½ 57w0 97b1113w0143b1114w1 85b15,537,5196142025
48FMRamík Zdeněk2179CZE 75w½ 81b0 65w0151b1101w1 92b1 74w½104b1 23w½5,537,0199942055
49Baum Jonasz2169POL 95w½ 70b½ 87w½ 85b1 79w0120b1111w1 32b0 75w15,537,0199742063
50FMKolesár Milan2209SVK 34w½ 74b½104w0121b1110w1 80b0 98w1 88b1 53w½5,537,0197642042
51Paulovič Martin2045CZE 23w0 82b½115w½124b1132w1 26w0136b1 79b½ 86w15,536,5196342022
52Kalousek Zdeněk2043CZE 26b0 97w1 92b½ 33w0 83b0179b1148w1121w1 87b15,536,5195651968
53Gettler Daniel2056SVK184b0136w0173b1123w1143b½116w1 66b½105w1 50b½5,532,0196241977
54Weber Samuel2202GER 88w1 1b0 70w1 9b0121w1 34b1 79w1 11b0 15w05,045,0211052126
55FMJedlička Aleš2222CZE 57b0 43w1 40b½ 44w1105b1 4w0 81b1 42w½ 22b05,044,5207542099
56Sorkovský Miroslav2180SVK 90b1 35w½ 12b0 40w½ 72b1 66w½ 31b½ 68w0105b15,042,0205432073
57Plašil Petr2015CZE 55w1 11b0 36w½ 47b1 27w0149b1 29w0 89b½115w15,041,5214442146
58Prívara Igor2178SVK 80b½ 31w0105b1 81w1114b1 5b0 85w1 18w½ 10b05,041,5211442134
59Gaša Patrik2096SVK 11w½ 9b½142w1 25b0 71w1109b½137w1 36b½ 20w05,041,5210432108
60Orosi Peter2076SVK 12b0105w½ 66b1 92w1 4b0114w1 67b½113w1 18b05,041,5208842110
61Ernst Michael2131AUT 43b½ 80w1 35b½ 26w0123b1136w1 12b0 31w½ 70b½5,041,5208032094
62Czajkowski Ryszard2040POL 19b0122w1136b1 20w½ 29w½ 32b½ 18w0106b½110w15,041,0213432142
63Kováčová Zuzana2102BER 2w0120b½106w½ 82b1122w1 96b½ 69w½ 43b½ 65w½5,039,5198322007
64Pardy Martin2067CZE 8b0 66w½101b1 6w0144b½117w1119b1 67w0116b15,039,0195141973
65Kůsa Jakub1950CZE 38b0 94w½ 48b1 16w0112b½162w1 93b½141w1 63b½5,038,5196531965
66Faivre Joann1896FRA168w1 64b½ 60w0118b½153w1 56b½ 53w½ 15b0104w15,038,0199131988
67WFMSáňková Stella1915SVK162w1 73b0 99w0146b1150w1 17b½ 60w½ 64b1 29w05,037,5198141981
68Huttner Milos2033CZE 29w0142b0118w½158b1131w1 98b½ 71w1 56b1 17w05,037,5195441975
69Pálka Miroslav1920SVK125b½109w½ 83b½ 94w½163b1 41w½ 63b½112w1 21b05,037,5193721950
70Huřťák Otto1960CZE 41b½ 49w½ 54b0119w1155b½ 93w½140b½138w1 61w½5,036,5194621951
71Weber Andreas1792GER167b½173w0160b1 93w½ 59b0157w1 68b0134w1113b15,032,5175141827
72Veštúr Rastislav1841SVK164w½161b½163w0183b1 56w0159b1104w0146b1106w15,029,0180541817
73Holeš Michal2096CZE 3b0 67w1113b1 35w1 28b1 13b½ 1w0 7w0 -04,547,5223542238
74Žemlička Vít2021CZE 33b½ 50w½ 6b½ 21w½166b1 19w½ 48b½ 45w½ -04,545,0221112200
75Valkovič Tomáš1977SVK 48b½ 7w0144b1 45w1 6b0 83w½ 89b½109w1 49b04,542,5203432003
76WIMZemlickova Olena2096UKR 18b½ 4w1 10b0128w1 19b½119w½113b½ 87w½ -04,542,0216822162
77Vojtko Marek1987SVK 17w0124b1 47w½ 30b0102w1 99b1 14w-129w1 26b04,541,5202741995
78Steiner Bruno2110AUT106w½ 95b1 32w0107b1 99w1 36b½ 27w0 34b½ 43w04,540,5206532028
79Salomons Lorenzo1876SVK156b1 39w½ 84b½141w½ 49b1 33w½ 54b0 51w½ 44b04,540,5206122007
80Kellner Petr1968CZE 58w½ 61b0147w½161b1162w1 50w1 7b½ 21w0 37b04,540,0207132028
81IMChubar Vladimir2006UKR 7b½ 48w1 27w0 58b0164w1147b1 55w0 91b0137w14,539,0204141995
82Gawor Jan Pawel1856POL 93b1 51w½139b½ 63w0 21b½ 46w0152b1 44w0156b14,539,0197331939
83Karczynski Lech1758POL130w0183b1 69w½ 43b0 52w1 75b½ 95w½128w1 40b04,538,5192031935
84Bednár Ján2049SVK 13w0110b½ 79w½142b1124w1 35w½ 19b0 86b0151w14,538,0201531989
85Špik Peter1984SVK 21b0144w½ 94b1 49w0156b1129w1 58b0119w1 47w04,538,0197341942
86Beluš Benjamin1941SVK -0146b1 15w0117w1140b1 7w0138b½ 84w1 51b04,538,0192141924
87Gyerpál Adrian1953SVK 45b0117w1 49b½ 38w0154b1141w½145w1 76b½ 52w04,537,5195431908
88Šturc Ján1995SVK 54b0119w1 20b0 89w0135b1127w1122b1 50w0 94b½4,537,5193941892
89Neumann Filip1800CZE183w1108b0165w1 88b1 13w0 30b0 75w½ 57w½ 90b½4,537,0199031937
90Bakalár Ján1977SVK 56w0149b1 37w0 99b½174w1 91b½124w1 30b0 89w½4,537,0190731854
91Redzisz Michal1730POL114b½121w½116b½101w1 35b0 90w½128b½ 81w1 31b04,536,5198321964
92Kopeček Ivan1930CZE118w1174b1 52w½ 60b0 36w0 48w0129b0159b1149w14,536,5194541887
93Beňo Milan1664SVK 82w0179b1148w½ 71b½120w½ 70b½ 65w½111b1 34w04,536,5190121839
94Hradský Aleš1727CZE100w1 65b½ 85w0 69b½106w0110b0157w1122b1 88w½4,535,5192231936
95Mandák Miroslav1968SVK 49b½ 78w0138b½129w1109b0118w1 83b½140w1 45b04,535,5189931867
96Stanko Ivan1903SVK140b½152w1112b0109w½157b1 63w½ 41b0126w1 46b04,535,0194431956
97Kebis Miloš1849SVK150w1 52b0161w0102b½ 47w0169b1168w1108b1 38w04,534,5187641834
98Motúzová Marta1849SVK152b½140w½125b½173w1 38b0 68w½ 50b0117w½138b14,534,5185821805
99Babinský Michal1739SVK105b0177w1 67b1 90w½ 78b0 77w0116b½123w½143b14,534,0192331866
100WCMGřesová Zuzana1901CZE 94b0154w1109b½125w1 33b0 39w0155b½144w½145b14,534,0184531811
101Hagara Eduard1816SVK153w½164b1 64w0 91b0 48b0178w1146b½154w½141b14,532,0174131719
102Andráš Anton1545SVK143b0129w0172b1 97w½ 77b0151w1134b0166w+142w14,530,5185441743
103Marsina Štefan1938SVK109b½125w½117b0152w1145b0140w0163b1124w½144b14,530,0174231733
104Hlaváček Tomáš2019CZE 20b0151w1 50b1 7w0119b0144w1 72b1 48w0 66b04,041,0201541944
105Voříšek Jakub1904CZE 99w1 60b½ 58w0148b1 55w0 45w½130b1 53b0 56w04,039,5204532003
106Púchovský Ladislav1939SVK 78b½ 41w0 63b½140w1 94b1 22w0141b½ 62w½ 72b04,039,0197521888
107Kučera Vladimír1887CZE145b1 22w1 38b½ 78w0 20b0139w0156b1 46w0109b½4,038,5201331935
108Drábek Miloslav2029CZE 6b0 89w1 19b0166w1129b½143w1 35b0 97w0124b½4,038,5197931914
109Bogusz Alan1754POL103w½ 69b½100w½ 96b½ 95w1 59w½ 39b0 75b0107w½4,038,0197011918
110Šándor Martin1867SVK170b1 84w½ 39b0145w½ 50b0 94w1 21b0147w1 62b04,038,0196931894
111CMTyda Krzysztof1957POL 14w0131b½ 4b0144w1152b1155w1 49b0 93w0132b½4,038,0193131858
112Jánoš Ivan2073SVK 25w½ 32b0 96w1137b0 65w½132b1142w1 69b0 -04,037,5199331966
113Ihnát Marek1944SVK 16w0127b1 73w0163b1161w½ 47b1 76w½ 60b0 71w04,037,5197731900
114Mosný Jaroslav1902SVK 91w½130b1 30w0131b1 58w0 60b0125w1 47b0118w½4,037,5194431912
115Száraz Vojtech1829SVK138b½167w1 51b½ 22w0 41b0163w1 45b0155w1 57b04,037,5193431845
116Komloši František1858SVK163w1 15b0 91w½174b1 37w0 53b0 99w½162b1 64w04,037,0190131805
117Mikuš Peter1763SVK175w1 87b0103w1 86b0 34w0 64b0153w1 98b½120w½4,036,0190631879
118Zentko Ladislav1754SVK 92b0135w1 68b½ 66w½ 31b0 95b0179w1136w½114b½4,036,0189121787
119Rybka Šimon1777SVK171w1 88b0130w1 70b0104w1 76b½ 64w0 85b0128b½4,035,5193731907
120Brunel Julien1907FRA155b1 63w½ 42b½138w0 93b½ 49w0147b½132w½117b½4,035,5188311809
121Žáčik Anton1868SVK161w½ 91b½159w1 50w0 54b0168b½131w1 52b0125w½4,035,0189321826
122Bánoci Jaroslav1816SVK141b1 62b0146w1 42w0 63b0150b1 88w0 94w0154b14,035,0184941771
123Mikulášek Viktor1818SVK146w0169b1150w1 53b0 61w0153b1 34w- 99b½131w½4,035,0181831753
124Kaminský Ladislav1779SVK177b1 77w0156b1 51w0 84b0160w1 90b0103b½108w½4,034,5189331788
125Eremiáš Igor1746SVK 69w½103b½ 98w½100b0 44b0173w1114b0176w1121b½4,034,5185921763
126Nemšák Denis2039SVK 28w0133b1137w½ 36b0148w0164b1149w1 96b0129w½4,034,0191631841
127Žigo Pavol1758SVK157b1113w0 22b0160w1 40b0 88b0167w½135w½171b14,034,0172831721
128Goga František1964SVK 37w0147b½131w1 76b0175w1161b½ 91w½ 83b0119w½4,033,5184121821
129Hlaváček Ondřej1779CZE174w0102b1175w1 95b0108w½ 85b0 92w1 77b0126b½4,033,0186431841
130Vodička Michal1000SVK 83b1114w0119b0170w1 45b0166w1105w0142b½133w½4,032,5186131797
131Nowak Marek1760POL182b1111w½128b0114w0 68b0174w1121b0152w1123b½4,031,0182931811
132Fejtek Petr1774CZE173b½138w0167b½135w1 51b0112w0165b1120b½111w½4,031,0176821682
133Houdek Daniel1814CZE178b1126w0140b0167w1 22b0146w½154b½145w½130b½4,031,0172821720
134Cambel Vladimír2027SVK 27w0137b0162w0150b0185w1180b1102w1 71b0168w14,030,0175441658
135Král Ladislav1510CZE137w0118b0185w1132b0 88w0170w½173b1127b½162w14,028,5173431641
136Hanzlúvka Peter1884SVK159w1 53b1 62w0153b1 1w0 61b0 51w0118b½ -03,540,5201031913
137Recký Norbert1788SVK135b1134w1126b½112w1 3b0 20w0 59b0 40w0 81b03,540,0210131955
138Sarvadh Sathiaram1606IND115w½132b1 95w½120b1 23w0 18b0 86w½ 70b0 98w03,538,0201121905
139CMPniaczek Marek2042POL 32w½ 24b0 82w½147b½158w1107b1 -0 -0 -03,536,5200122019
140Mesároš Ján1730SVK 96w½ 98b½133w1106b0 86w0103b1 70w½ 95b0 -03,536,0192821871
141Zámarský Petr1580CZE122w0185b1149w1 79b½ 14w0 87b½106w½ 65b0101w03,536,0190821759
142Weis Dušan1806SVK154b1 68w1 59b0 84w0 42b0165w1112b0130w½102b03,536,0186731807
143Munk Ľubomír1812SVK102w1 46b0153w0165b1 53w½108b0 47w0167b1 99w03,536,0183931724
144Bračok Štefan1766SVK185w1 85b½ 75w0111b0 64w½104b0150w1100b½103w03,534,5193821786
145Klanica Anton1726SVK107w0180b1158w½110b½103w1 42w0 87b0133b½100w03,534,5190321780
146Nagy Edmund1599SVK123b1 86w0122b0 67w0182b1133b½101w½ 72w0147b½3,534,5184121784
147Šajtlava Igor1766SVK172b1128w½ 80b½139w½ 16b0 81w0120w½110b0146w½3,534,0193311776
148Diviak Rudolf1772SVK179w1 -0 93b½105w0126b1 44w0 52b0156w0176b13,534,0183531731
149Repák Jan1770CZE160b1 90w0141b0176w1 46b½ 57w0126b0170w1 92b03,533,5184131705
150Šimončič Ladislav1664SVK 97b0157w1123b0134w1 67b0122w0144b0179w1158w½3,532,0179031739

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Tie Break2: rating average of the opponents (variabel with parameters)
Tie Break3: The greater number of victories