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6th Pakchess Fide Rated Chess Tournament 2017

Last update 12.03.2017 17:02:38, Creator/Last Upload: pakistan chess federation

Starting rank

1Sibt Ali7800517PAK2070
2Waqar Ahmad Madni7800371PAK2060
3Ansari Athar428655ENG1887
4Khalid Mahmood Ashraf7801106PAK1800
5Faisal Khan7801203PAK1756
6Murtaza Faisal7801297PAK1728
7Farman Aziz7800983PAK1686
8Salman Ali Khan7803176PAK1667
9Mobeen Ud Din7801068PAK1568
10Ali Asim7802331PAK0
11Ali Rayyan Sanwal7801785PAK0
12Emad Khalid Mughal7803249PAK0
13Muhammad Afzal7803265PAK0
14Muhammad Masoom Khan7803125PAK0
15Muhammad Shafique7801718PAK0
16Nadeem Aziz7802552PAK0
17Raja Hassan Fayyaz7803273PAK0