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February IM norm tournament

Last update 16.02.2017 08:15:29, Creator: Makhnev Vladimir (Russia, Kimry) ,Last Upload: Dmitry Borisenkov

Starting rank list of players

5GMZontakh Andrey14101130UKR2522
10IMChekhov Sergei4195639RUS2460
8FMMatsenko Andrei24146501CZE2394
7IMPeskov Alexsey14114046UKR2389
9FMRodin Dmitrij4127412RUS2377
6FMSargissyan Sargis13303210ARM2363
3FMProvotorov Ivan4154657RUS2350
1Aminov Andrey24162728RUS2319
4FMCherednichenko Dmitrij44111436RUS2302
2Ioffe Ilya34134031RUS2280
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