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Camaguey 503 Aniversario (Elite)

Last update 09.02.2017 14:16:56, Creator/Last Upload: pinkycuba

Starting rank list of players

9IMGarcia Pantoja Roberto3509265CUB2473
5FMBerdayes Ason Dylan Isidro3516016CUB2424
8FMFernandez de la Vara Mulet Arnaldo Jesus3518388CUB2406
4FMDocampo Beltran Dexter3517462CUB2405
3FMDiaz Perez Michel Alejandro3517179CUB2399
7FMHernandez Gonzalez William3509915CUB2389
10IMLopez Gonzalez Abel Fabian3512673CUB2379
1FMElias Reyes Jorge Roberto3517470CUB2375
6FMDuarte Napoles Fanny3504603CUB2346
2FMLeon Valdes Jony Wilson3506177CUB2312