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First Saturday IM Feb 2017

Last update 14.02.2017 18:27:50, Creator/Last Upload: hungarian chess-federation (master)

Player Overview of a federation

Overview for team SRB

8GMIlincic ZlatkoSRB239010½1½11½16,512392IM

Player details

GM Ilincic Zlatko 2390 SRB Rp:2392 Pts. 6,5
13Cai Chaoruo2100CHN5,0s 1IM
24Farkas Richard2310HUN6,0w 0IM
35FMLyell Mark2244ENG2,0s ½IM
46FMVan Zyl-Rudd Jack2041RSA1,5w 1IM
57IMFrolov Artur2389UKR6,0s ½IM
610Wu Yang2159CHN5,0s 1IM
79IMNemeth Zoltan2281HUN4,0w 1IM
81WIMHavanecz Bianka2220HUN3,5s ½IM
92FMKrstulovic Alex2294HUN5,5w 1IM