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20. Kadetski festival Centralne Srbije, grupa Z16_Z20

Last update 16.02.2017 22:44:05, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of central serbia

Starting rank

1mkBojicic Andjela963216SRB2171Sabac
2WFMMiljkovic Jovana958336SRB2034Cuprija
3Petrovic Tamara938831SRB1878Pozarevac
4Petrovic Tijana938840SRB1774Pozarevac
5ISimic Anja958670SRB1694Nis
6IINikolic Mila Z977039SRB1649Kostolac
7IINikolic Masa977020SRB1589Kostolac
8wmkStevanovic Jelena962112SRB1547Nis
9IILjubicic Andjela977829SRB1539Pozega
10Delcev Andjela986526SRB1068Dimitrovgrad
11Lovcevic MilicaSRB0Vladimirci
12Nedeljkovic Sandra964077SRB0Niska Banja
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