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Kadetsko prvenstvo Beograda - 2017. M14

Last update 12.02.2017 17:57:04, Creator/Last Upload: belgrade chess federation

Starting rank

1FMMilosevic Milos964875SRB2335
2CMBudisavljevic Luka960047SRB2121
3Ivanovic Marko967408SRB1894
4Novakovic Marko972436SRB1830
5Mijatovic Dusan966738SRB1823
6Mustajbasic Dino967041SRB1665
7Kovacevic Matija D958956SRB1578
8Blanusa Strahinja981710SRB1408
9Curcic BorisSRB0
10Marinkovic LazarSRB0
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