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Skara Mästerskapet i Blixt 2017 3/3

Last update 25.01.2017 22:34:43, Creator/Last Upload: swedish chess federation a

Starting rank list of players

10Eklund Lars-Göran1701010SWE2243Skara SS
8Kjellqvist Niklas1723928SWE1985Skara SS
4Cederqvist Niclas1702076SWE1923Skara SS
5Wiman Kenneth1707442SWE1850Skövde SS
9Kjellqvist Fredrik1723936SWE1838Skara SS
7Bratic Asim1720465SWE1810Skövde SS
1Hansen Jesper1739360SWE1548Skara SS
3Anttila Martti1732692SWE0Skövde SS
2Cederqvist LucasSWE0Skara SS
6Johansson PontusSWE0Skara SS
11Lidgren GöranSWE0Skövde SS
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