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Junioru kauss 1.sp.kl. 21-22.01.2017

Last update 22.01.2017 15:58:26, Creator/Last Upload: savieniba

Starting rank list of players

1Filipovs Jevgenijs ILAT1863Diāna Matisone
2Daļeckis Deniss ILAT1850Diāna Matisone
6Freibergs Andreij ILAT1850Leonids Borisovs
3Jonins Dmitrijs ILAT1850Diāna Matisone
7Podojniks Marks-Ernests ILAT1850Edgars Ungurs
5Bartaševičs Tomass ILAT1839Diāna Matisone
4Bogdanovičs Kirills ILAT1799Diāna Matisone
8Stanislavskis Dmitrijs ILAT1718Diāna Matisone