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Arab Under 14 Chess Championship 2005 Boys

Last update 13.09.2005 08:06:06, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank list of players

2Walid Aziz JawadIRQ2078M14
6Wageih KareimEGY2064M14
8Khouri Ibrahim MohammedUAE2062M14
3Abdulhamid AlkhalifaSYR0M14
7Ahmed AlsubaieiQAT0M12
4Anis AlsaneiTUN0M14
9Hasan Eisa MousaQAT0M14
10Mansour Ibrahim Bu KhalafBRN0M14
5Saleh AlsubaieiQAT0M14
1Taher Ali Yusef AdiJOR0M14