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Women´s Open zum Erfurter Frauenschachfestival 2017

Last update 04.08.2017 20:40:13, Creator/Last Upload: klaus steffan

Player overview for GEO

7WIMKhomeriki Nino23050GEO110½11½1½6,55Womens Open

Results of the last round for GEO

Rd.Bo.No.NameRtgPts. ResultPts. NameRtgNo.
917WIMKhomeriki Nino23056 ½ - ½7 WGMSandu Mihaela224314

Player details for GEO

WIM Khomeriki Nino 2305 GEO Rp:2315 Pts. 6,5
136Kinzel Tiffany17551805GER4,5w 1
222Otikova Elina20542046LAT4,5s 1
31IMVijayalakshmi Subbaraman23700IND5,0s 0
415WGMFrayna Janelle Mae22350PHI5,5w ½
525WFMPatil Mitali Madhukar19280IND5,0s 1
619WFMBirkholz Olga20762051GER5,0w 1
75WGMRapport Jovana23102310SRB6,5w ½
82WGMMajdan Joanna23690POL6,0s 1
914WGMSandu Mihaela22430ROU7,5w ½