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A Tournoi interne Bois Gentil Genève 2017

Last update 21.12.2017 17:42:31, Creator/Last Upload: fédération genevoise des echecs

Starting rank list of players

11Charreau ThomasSUI1897
12Wehrli TobiasSUI1856
10Nawrocki BronislawSUI1839
4Schaerer MarcSUI1826
5Schoch FredySUI1810
8Viviani MarioSUI1801
3Hann BurtSUI1738
9Schaerer Marie-AnneSUI1716
2Pauli Jean-MarcSUI1705
7Zamiri AliSUI1693
1Gapany ArthurSUI1662
6Moghaddam AlirezaSUI1659