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35. Balaton International Chess Festival Balatonlelle GM

Last update 21.06.2017 15:45:50, Creator/Last Upload: annakata

Starting rank list of players

10GMKovalev Andrei13500023BLR2525
8GMCzebe Attila705268HUN2475
2IMGurevich Daniel2044676USA2460
6IMCuhendi Sean Winshand7101554INA2406
5GMFarago Ivan700134HUN2401
4IMIkeda Junta3204731AUS2398
7IMLi Bo8602786CHN2383
9IMPaschall William M.2005379USA2371
1Xylogiannopoulos Antonios4215133GRE2265
3AGMVardan Nagpal25089544IND2129