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LXXXIII Campeonato Brasileiro Absoluto Fase Final 2016

Last update 14.02.2017 18:26:46, Creator/Last Upload: cbx - confederacao brasileira de xadrez

Player info

NameSouza Neves Andrey M.
Starting rank5
Rating national2251
Rating international2218
Performance rating2205
FIDE rtg +/--7,6
Year of birth 1969


18FMReis Paulo F. Jatoba De Olivei2397BRA5,0w 0
29GMEl Debs Felipe De Cresce2523BRA8,0s 1
310GMMatsuura Everaldo2480BRA8,5w 0
411IMMacedo Maximo Iack2366BRA4,5s 0
51FMNogueira Ivan Kuhlmann2308BRA3,5w 0
62GMMekhitarian Krikor Sevag2561BRA7,5s 0
73FMDe Paula Rafael Figueiredo2322BRA4,0w 1
84CMCarneiro Vitor Roberto Castro2426BRA6,5s 0
912GMFier Alexandr2581BRA8,5w 0
106IMQuintiliano Pinto Renato R.2491BRA6,5w 0
117FMPinto Carlos Henrique Lopes2121BRA1,0s ½
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