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MTN Festival Chess Championship 2016 Open 1 Rock View Hotel,23rd road Festac Town 27th to 30th Dec 2016

Last update 10.01.2017 20:06:06, Creator/Last Upload: computerfineman

Starting rank

1Uche Unachukwu8507511NGR1979
2Okpo Uwe8502358NGR1950
3Didimakon Steven8503095NGR1919
5Lawal Olalekan8503281NGR1722
6Ikediashi Alfred Isioma Adim8503214NGR1687
7 Ajayi Ayokanmi8505853NGR1599
8Ibikunle Idowu8504008NGR0
9Ogbonnaya Obinna8500630NGR0
10Ojo A. Ibikunle8502331NGR0
11Oke Onoruvie8508321NGR0
12Soile Oluwole8502501NGR0
13Soyoye Abel8502510NGR0
14Tobun Olajide Oladapo8507350NGR0
15Ekpo Edidiong Friday8505675NGR1797
16Akinwamide, Oluwadamilare8501793NGR0
17Mafoitan Oladipupo8506400NGR0
18Ojo, John8504121NGR1951