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ASK Klubmeisterschaft 2017 A - Turnier

Last update 30.03.2017 13:26:13, Creator/Last Upload: schachlandesverband salzburg

Starting rank list of players

6Heigerer Stefan1620770AUT1981Ask Salzburg
8MkPrüll Lukas1601393AUT1978Ask Salzburg
2Vlasak Reinhard Dr.1603000AUT1918Ask Salzburg
3Veigl Thomas1629387AUT1889Ask Salzburg
4Thalhammer Klaus1615947AUT1857Ask Salzburg
1Zauchner Markus1619535AUT1787Ask Salzburg
7Haselsteiner Walter1636677AUT1778Ask Salzburg
5Untersteiner Michael1654187AUT1568Ask Salzburg