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Spittaler Weihnachtsblitz 2016 Rundenturnier

Last update 22.12.2016 12:25:08, Creator/Last Upload: sg gabor/hsv spittal

Starting rank list of players

2Scheiber Michael1622846AUT2003Hsv Spittal
1Neubauer Herbert1605097AUT1937Hsv Spittal
3Koestenbauer Fritz Ing.1613650AUT1820Hsv Spittal
4Trupp Erich1607910AUT1799Hsv Spittal
8Jaeger Manfred1622145AUT1737Atus Ferndorf
7Babic Dragan14414635BIH1723Hsv Spittal
5Müller Bernhard1654420AUT1604Hsv Spittal
6Grasser Peter1612670AUT1579Hsv Spittal