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Karlstad Open 2016

Senast uppdaterad03.01.2017 12:52:50, Creator/Last Upload: swedish chess federation

Korstabell efter 7 ronder

Plac.NamnRatingNation1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPoäng TB1 
1GMErnst Thomas2358SWE 64w1 40b1 16w1 2b½ 14w½ 11b1 4w½5,529,0
2Torkkola Henri2202FIN 83b1 19w1 39b1 1w½ 13w½ 15b1 3b½5,528,5
3IMHaugli Petter2259NOR 52w1 24b½ 18w1 7b½ 37w1 25b1 2w½5,528,0
4CMSolberg Joachim2218NOR 61w1 44b1 54w1 14b½ 7w½ 13b1 1b½5,527,0
5Malm Lindberg Henrik2232SWE 57w1 18b½ 55w½ 72b1 16w1 7b½ 14w15,525,0
6FMFries-Nielsen Niels Jørgen2296DEN 67w½ 34b½ 38w1 51b1 35w1 14b½ 23w15,524,5
7Krantz Christopher2188SWE 75b1 73w1 9b1 3w½ 4b½ 5w½ 8b½5,029,5
8Wikström Per2194SWE 41w1 76b1 30w1 13b½ 15w½ 23b½ 7w½5,027,0
9Kizatbay Abyl1942NOR107b1 35b1 7w0 20w½ 26b1 10w½ 54b15,026,5
10Nordebrink Johan2122SWE 80w1 32b1 13w0 52b1 22w½ 9b½ 38w15,026,0
11Sousa Ludy2198NOR 79b1 62w1 50b½ 36w½ 39b1 1w0 40b15,024,5
12Dahlqvist Ulf1957SWE 97w0 88b1 49w0 65b1 63w1 37b1 35w15,021,0
13IMWinsnes Rikard2395SWE 85b1 28w1 10b1 8w½ 2b½ 4w0 16b½4,530,0
14Kumar Rahul2193IND 63b1 47w1 69b1 4w½ 1b½ 6w½ 5b04,529,5
15FMFossan Petter2313NOR 58b1 53w½ 24b1 17w1 8b½ 2w0 30b½4,527,5
16Gillefalk Björn2098SWE 71w1 49b1 1b0 59w1 5b0 36w1 13w½4,526,5
17Ängskog Kent2181SWE 78w1 36b½ 46w1 15b0 44w1 21b½ 18w½4,525,5
18Rukovci Shemsi1994KOS 90b1 5w½ 3b0 84w1 20b½ 68w1 17b½4,525,5
19Saltvedt Martin1994NOR 92w1 2b0 78w1 49b½ 29w1 22b½ 25w½4,525,5
20FMJohansen Øivind2191NOR 34w½ 67b1 51w½ 9b½ 18w½ 32b½ 57w14,525,0
21Fossan Andreas2035NOR 42b½ 94w1 59b½ 56w1 27b½ 17w½ 22w½4,524,5
22Lindgren Mats2241SWE 70b½ 56w½ 83b1 50w1 10b½ 19w½ 21b½4,524,0
23Nyander Joakim2223SWE 60b1 50w0 70b1 55w1 54b1 8w½ 6b04,524,0
24Kristoffersson Jimmy2012SWE 86b1 3w½ 15w0 34b½ 67w½ 52b1 61w14,524,0
25Johansen Paul2157NOR 68b1 69w0 79b1 73w1 36b1 3w0 19b½4,523,0
26Eriksson Magnus2029SWE 49w0 81b1 34w½ 71b1 9w0 43b1 51w14,523,0
27Nygren David2199SWE 74w1 51b½ 72w½ 76b1 21w½ 40b½ 33w½4,522,5
28Jacobsen Fredrik Beer2054NOR 93b1 13b0 52w0 95w1 56b1 41w1 31b½4,522,5
29Kyrkjebø Erlend2098NOR 94b½ 42w1 36b0 60w1 19b0 84w1 49b14,522,0
30Bergre Joachim2085SWE 87b1 77w1 8b0 58w½ 68b½ 69w1 15w½4,522,0
31Silseth Simon2268SWE 56b½ 70w½ 60b½ 41w½ 85b1 72w1 28w½4,521,5
32Kyrkjebø Hanna B.1932NOR108b1 10w0 96b1 37b0 93w1 20w½ 53b14,521,5
33Kauko Pekka2006FIN 77b0 87w1 68b0 86w1 70b1 75w1 27b½4,519,0
34Fossan Aleksander1827NOR 20b½ 6w½ 26b½ 24w½ 73b1 53w½ 39b½4,026,5
35Rishovd Svein2124NOR 84b1 9w0 63b1 69w1 6b0 47w1 12b04,026,0
36Brasöy Aksel1946NOR109b1 17w½ 29w1 11b½ 25w0 16b0 77w14,026,0
37Fransson Lennart2118SWE 81b1 59w½ 53b½ 32w1 3b0 12w0 58b14,025,5
38Wegerif Andrew N1740SWE 45b½ 66w1 6b0 46b½ 59w1 50w1 10b04,025,5
39Stray Gunnar2060NOR 65w1 97b1 2w0 74b1 11w0 61b½ 34w½4,024,5
40Johansson Mikael2029SWE 95b1 1w0 75b1 68w½ 58b1 27w½ 11w04,024,5
41Johnson Daniel1877SWE 8b0 91w½ 90b1 31b½ 46w1 28b0 76w14,023,5
42Winsnes Gabriel1727SWE 21w½ 29b0 64w1 57b0 78w1 55b1 44w½4,023,0
43Mirza Raad1817NOR 66b½ 45w½ 62b1 53w½ 50b½ 26w0 72b14,022,5
44Möller Mikael1988SWE 96b1 4w0 84b½ 94w1 17b0 60w1 42b½4,022,0
45Björkeroth Johan2049SWE 38w½ 43b½ 74w0 78b1 49w½ 67b½ 69w14,020,5
46Andersen Per O1963NOR103b½ 98w1 17b0 38w½ 41b0 81w1 75b14,020,5
47Larsson Patrik1964SWE102w1 14b0 71w½ 93b½ 74w1 35b0 80w14,019,5
48Arvidsson Tomas1995SWE 82w0 71b0 92w1 80b0 96w1 74b1 67w14,017,0
49Svanholm Borge W.1721NOR 26b1 16w0 12b1 19w½ 45b½ 51b½ 29w03,527,0
50Olsson Bo2008SWE 99w1 23b1 11w½ 22b0 43w½ 38b0 59w½3,525,5
51Nilsson Weine1983SWE 89b1 27w½ 20b½ 6w0 83b1 49w½ 26b03,525,0
52Andersson Thorbjörn1910SWE 3b0 86w1 28b1 10w0 55b½ 24w0 90b13,525,0
53Andersson Anders2020SWE100w1 15b½ 37w½ 43b½ 57w½ 34b½ 32w03,524,5
54Särén Björn2088SWE 88w1 82b1 4b0 85w1 23w0 57b½ 9w03,524,0
55Kizatbay Alseit1987NOR -1 93w½ 5b½ 23b0 52w½ 42w0 68b13,523,5
56Omtvedt Per1912NOR 31w½ 22b½108w1 21b0 28w0 99b1 62b½3,523,5
57Alfven Jörgen1896SWE 5b0 90w½ 98b1 42w1 53b½ 54w½ 20b03,523,5
58Qwarfort Fredrik1922SWE 15w0100b1107w1 30b½ 40w0 71b1 37w03,523,0
59Wilsbeck Jan Børge1934NOR104w1 37b½ 21w½ 16b0 38b0 95w1 50b½3,522,5
60Kyrkjebø Marte B.1891NOR 23w0 99b1 31w½ 29b0 87w1 44b0 89w13,522,5
61Omtvedt Aleksander1891NOR 4b0 96w0 91b1 89w1 62b1 39w½ 24b03,522,5
62Kleimark Anders1982SWE105w1 11b0 43w0 88b1 61w0 79b1 56w½3,521,5
63Myrheim Håkon Abeland1833NOR 14w0102b1 35w0107b1 12b0 73w½ 86b13,520,5
64Ljunggren Jacob1927SWE 1b0 95w½ 42b0104w1 94b½ 86w½ 84b13,518,5
65Barkman Rolf1758SWE 39b0 85w0101b1 12w0 91b½103w1 83b13,518,5
66Nordquelle Daniel2132NOR 43w½ 38b0 93w0 98b1 71w0102b1 87w13,518,0
67Koski Viljo1914SWE 6b½ 20w0 95b½ 77w1 24b½ 45w½ 48b03,025,5
68Skulason Johann1818SWE 25w0106b1 33w1 40b½ 30w½ 18b0 55w03,025,0
69Sahlholm Sören1946SWE106w1 25b1 14w0 35b0 80w1 30b0 45b03,024,0
70Fossan Benjamin1908NOR 22w½ 31b½ 23w0 82b1 33w0 77b0 99w13,024,0
71Moberg Reidar1800SWE 16b0 48w1 47b½ 26w0 66b1 58w0 73b½3,024,0
72Andersson Kjell-Åke1967SWE 98b½103w1 27b½ 5w0 79b1 31b0 43w03,023,5
73Magnussen Pål1947SWE101w1 7b0 82w1 25b0 34w0 63b½ 71w½3,023,0
74Hattab Hashim1887SWE 27b0 89w1 45b1 39w0 47b0 48w0 94b13,023,0
75Rintakoski Pentti1826FIN 7w0101b1 40w0108b1 76w1 33b0 46w03,022,5
76Westerlund Ola1949SWE 91b1 8w0 77b1 27w0 75b0 94w1 41b03,022,0
77Granum Roger1675NOR 33w1 30b0 76w0 67b0107w1 70w1 36b03,022,0
78Andersson Jan1818SWE 17b0109w1 19b0 45w0 42b0101w1 95b13,021,0
79Wiklund Johan1882SWE 11w0105b1 25w0 97b1 72w0 62w0 93b13,020,5
80Irandoust Babak1812NOR 10b0107w0 -1 48w1 69b0 85w1 47b03,020,5
81Muntean Victor1812SWE 37w0 26w0 89b0109b1 82w1 46b0 97w13,020,0
82Næss Sara1658NOR 48b1 54w0 73b0 70w0 81b0108w1103b13,018,0
83Jonsson Magnus1889SWE 2w0 92b1 22w0 96b1 51w0 89b½ 65w02,522,0
84Andersson Görgen1816SWE 35w0104b1 44w½ 18b0102w1 29b0 64w02,522,0
85Stolt Hans-Olof1929SWE 13w0 65b1 97w1 54b0 31w0 80b0 88w½2,521,0
86Skjølingstad Sverre1691NOR 24w0 52b0106w1 33b0109w1 64b½ 63w02,521,0
87Shehzad Shazil1775NOR 30w0 33b0102w½103b1 60b0 91w1 66b02,520,0
88Valo Veikko1790FIN 54b0 12w0105b1 62w0 89b0109w1 85b½2,519,0
89Næss Maria1578NOR 51w0 74b0 81w1 61b0 88w1 83w½ 60b02,519,0
90Kyrkjebø Eirik1645NOR 18w0 57b½ 41w0102b0108w1106b1 52w02,518,5
91Juhlén Thomas1466SWE 76w0 41b½ 61w0 99b½ 65w½ 87b0102w12,518,5
92Grindbakken Erik1644NOR 19b0 83w0 48b0101w0100w½107b1104w12,517,0
93Berg Bo S1742SWE 28w0 55b½ 66b1 47w½ 32b0 -0 79w02,023,0
94Mohammed Safian Haj1794SWE 29w½ 21b0103w1 44b0 64w½ 76b0 74w02,022,5
95Eklund Henrik1702SWE 40w0 64b½ 67w½ 28b0 97w1 59b0 78w02,021,5
96Eriksson Jan1611SWE 44w0 61b1 32w0 83w0 48b0 97b0106w12,020,5
97Wickström Carina1480SWE 12b1 39w0 85b0 79w0 95b0 96w1 81b02,019,5
98Jacobsen Caroline Beer1560NOR 72w½ 46b0 57w0 66w0103b0100b½107w12,018,5
99Braby Berth S.1688SWE 50b0 60w0104b½ 91w½101b1 56w0 70b02,018,0
100Paulsen Stig-Atle1696NOR 53b0 58w0109b- -0 92b½ 98w½109b12,017,0
101Hattab Nuhad1440SWE 73b0 75w0 65w0 92b1 99w0 78b0108b12,017,0
102Nickolausson Per1575SWE 47b0 63w0 87b½ 90w1 84b0 66w0 91b01,518,5
103Jernberg Christopher1510SWE 46w½ 72b0 94b0 87w0 98w1 65b0 82w01,518,0
104Nordquelle Amelia1168NOR 59b0 84w0 99w½ 64b0106w0 -1 92b01,515,5
105Orci Istvan1577SWE 62b0 79w0 88w0106b½ -0 -0 -11,515,0
106Muntean Adrian1323NED 69b0 68w0 86b0105w½104b1 90w0 96b01,515,0
107Muntean Felix1314SWE 9w0 80b1 58b0 63w0 77b0 92w0 98b01,020,0
108Ärlegård Elwis800SWE 32w0 -1 56b0 75w0 90b0 82b0101w01,019,0
109Olsson Erik1407SWE 36w0 78b0100w+ 81w0 86b0 88b0100w01,018,0

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