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2016 Australasian Masters IM Norm Tournament

Last update 18.12.2016 08:09:48, Creator/Last Upload: palau chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1FMYeoh Li Tian5702895MAS2432
10FMLiu Xiangyi8605718SGP2431
9GMJohansen Darryl K3200035AUS2370
7CMAng Alphaeus Wei Ern4303636NZL2250
4IMBrown Andrew3206513AUS2232
8FMStojic Dusan3203689AUS2225
3IMRujevic Mirko3202437AUS2186
5Chan Kris3216349AUS2183
2FMLevi Eddy L3200183AUS2152
6WFMDe Seroux Camille1305620SUI2069