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The December evenings_IM

Last update 19.12.2016 10:19:11, Creator/Last Upload: t.shumyakina_chelyabinsk chess school

Starting rank list of players

5GMSimantsev Mikhail14104555UKR2500
8FMGutenev Alexander4195540RUS2418
10IMStankovic Milos938190SRB2381
7IMMischuk Dmitry14118734UKR2365
1IMAlikulov Elbek14203308UZB2355
2Vaseptsov Maxim4132742RUS2344
9FMFrolov Ivan4188012RUS2309
6Smirnov Boris4149971RUS2187
3Remizov Yaroslav34134015RUS2182
4Smorchkov Danil34115460RUS2179
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