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Voronezh Region Championship Final 2016

Last update 15.12.2016 20:19:28, Creator/Last Upload: Makhnev Vladimir (Russia, Kimry)

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Starting rank

1FMRodin Dmitrij4127412RUS2373
2IMSergienko Sergey4115791RUS2368
3FMProvotorov Ivan4154657RUS2356
4Aminov Andrey24162728RUS2324
5FMChuprikov Dmitry4111257RUS2323
6IMKostin Alexey4120736RUS2301
7FMShtyka Sergey4138465RUS2273
8FMMorozov Egor24102121RUS2266
9Klimentov Roman4130286RUS2258
10Ioffe Ilya34134031RUS2251
11Kovalenko Sergey24106089RUS2249
12Sobina Pavel24177890RUS2202
13Klimentov Evgeny24128899RUS2180
14Peschansky Mikhail4138406RUS2161
15Provkin Vladimir4138457RUS2159
16Zhileykin Andrey24157503RUS2110
17Ioffe Evgeny24152099RUS2091
18Tatarintsev Egor34126519RUS2056
19Moiseenko Andrey24190969RUS2047
20Kornilov Peter4175328RUS2001
21Sokolovsky Victor4197380RUS1985
22Volovich Vasily34169676RUS1951
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