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Last update 19.02.2017 16:32:26, Creator/Last Upload: swedish chess federation a

Final Ranking crosstable after 7 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1Fendrich Peter2016SWE 58w1 12b1 24w1 11b1 2w½ 6b1 13w16,531,522,528,50
2GMEpishin Vladimir2622RUS 39b1 17w1 14b1 4w1 1b½ 3w1 7b½6,035,025,029,25
3FMRothen Hakan2261SWE 38w1 20b1 15w½ 32b1 9w1 2b0 11w15,531,522,023,25
4GMBellon Lopez Juan Manuel2366ESP 49w1 27b1 6w1 2b0 26w1 13b½ 19w15,531,022,022,75
5Ask Josef2205SWE 60w1 31b½ 37w½ 35b1 12w½ 16b1 30w15,527,019,521,00
6Nygren Kim2221SWE 51b1 41w1 4b0 21w1 8b1 1w0 29b15,032,022,520,00
7IMZiegler Ari2309SWE 52w1 45b1 9w½ 26b½ 16w½ 15b1 2w½5,030,521,520,75
8Wålinder Lars2183SWE 56w1 35b1 11w½ 15b1 6w0 12b1 9w½5,030,022,020,25
9Lind Jan-Olov2193SWE 70b1 28w1 7b½ 33w1 3b0 34w1 8b½5,028,521,018,00
10Saren Bjorn2065SWE 54w½ 55b1 32w0 49b½ 52w1 35b1 27w15,023,016,016,50
11GMErnst Thomas2378SWE 53b1 44w1 8b½ 1w0 20b1 25w1 3b04,532,022,517,50
12Andreasson Ingvar2344SWE 40b1 1w0 43b1 29w1 5b½ 8w0 28b14,532,022,017,75
13FMAndersson Fredrik2281SWE 36b½ 66w1 33b½ 22w1 17b1 4w½ 1b04,530,521,517,75
14Glimbrant Torbjörn2225SWE 48w1 21b1 2w0 34b½ 27w1 19b0 41w14,529,520,017,25
15Olsson Bo2080SWE 71w1 42b1 3b½ 8w0 18b1 7w0 34b14,529,021,516,25
16Wahlund Max2065SWE 74b1 23w0 40b1 42w1 7b½ 5w0 33b14,528,521,015,00
17Persson Anders2058SWE 64w1 2b0 52w1 47b1 13w0 42b1 21w½4,527,519,014,75
18Johnson Daniel1909SWE 69w1 25b½ 19w1 24b0 15w0 65b1 45w14,526,019,015,50
19Forsberg Timmy2071SWE 73b1 43w½ 18b0 53w1 64b1 14w1 4b04,525,518,013,75
20Sparv Joakim1996SWE 72b1 3w0 51b½ 56w1 11w0 38b1 32w14,525,017,513,50
21Lundgren Emanuel1966SWE 81b1 14w0 70b1 6b0 48w1 26w1 17b½4,524,518,512,75
22Johansson Mikael1975SWE 55w½ 54b1 25w½ 13b0 38w½ 50b1 39w14,524,517,014,75
23GMAndersson Ulf2523SWE 47w1 16b1 -0 37b1 24w1 -0 -04,031,022,015,50
24Madebrink Lars2237SWE 50b1 29w1 1b0 18w1 23b0 28w0 49b14,030,521,014,50
25Nordlund Jim2152SWE 46b1 18w½ 22b½ 28w½ 33b1 11b0 31w½4,028,520,515,50
26Olsson Simon2154SWE 65w1 32b½ 31w1 7w½ 4b0 21b0 52w14,028,520,014,25
27FMAlwaeli Laith2038IRQ 67b1 4w0 36b1 50w1 14b0 46w1 10b04,027,519,512,50
28Dahlqvist Ulf1937SWE 76w1 9b0 65w1 25b½ 30w½ 24b1 12w04,026,519,513,00
29Svedberg Hans1999SWE 63w1 24b0 60w1 12b0 32w1 49b1 6w04,026,018,012,50
30Nordlund Keith2159SWE 62b1 33w0 53b½ 43w1 28b½ 36w1 5b04,026,017,513,50
31Peterson Curt1931SWE 82b1 5w½ 26b0 51w½ 50b½ 64w1 25b½4,022,516,510,75
32Magnussen Pal1905SWE 79b1 26w½ 10b1 3w0 29b0 51w1 20b03,527,520,511,50
33Petersson Dick1918SWE 77w1 30b1 13w½ 9b0 25w0 56b1 16w03,527,020,011,25
34Bohman Karlholm Adrian1956SWE 57b½ 36w½ 62b1 14w½ 44b1 9b0 15w03,527,019,012,00
35Blazekovic Nina1914SWE 78b1 8w0 46b1 5w0 70b1 10w0 36b½3,526,019,08,75
36Kjellqvist Fredrik1857SWE 13w½ 34b½ 27w0 58b1 37w1 30b0 35w½3,526,018,512,25
37Rishovd Sven2020SWE 66b½ 57w1 5b½ 23w0 36b0 70w1 40b½3,525,518,010,75
38Koski Viljo1848SWE 3b0 72w½ 57b1 41w½ 22b½ 20w0 64b13,525,518,010,50
39Alfven Jorgen1882SWE 2w0 64b0 55w1 54b½ 66w1 44w1 22b03,525,016,510,50
40Longva Haugland Rasmus1865NOR 12w0 58b1 16w0 59b0 63w1 54b1 37w½3,524,517,010,75
41Stolt Hans-Olof1966SWE 75w1 6b0 56w½ 38b½ 65w½ 57b1 14b03,524,017,09,75
42Johansson Christer, 19651891SWE 80b1 15w0 71b1 16b0 59w1 17w0 46b½3,523,517,58,25
43Cederqvist Niclas1903SWE 68w1 19b½ 12w0 30b0 54w½ 59b½ 67w13,523,517,09,75
44Nordström Per-Olov2027SWE 59w1 11b0 48w1 64b½ 34w0 39b0 60w13,523,516,510,75
45Andersson Kjell-Åke2009SWE 61b1 7w0 50b0 71w1 51b½ 53w1 18b03,523,516,59,50
46Johansson Christer, 19731764SWE 25w0 69b1 35w0 68b1 47w1 27b0 42w½3,523,017,09,75
47Johansson Eva1882SWE 23b0 74w1 73b1 17w0 46b0 71w1 48b½3,523,015,57,75
48Gustavsson Ingemar1839SWE 14b0 81w1 44b0 74w1 21b0 61w1 47w½3,522,016,57,75
49Sundqvist Jan-Ove1870SWE 4b0 67w½ 66b1 10w½ 61b1 29w0 24w03,026,518,59,25
50Olsson Stefan1846SWE 24w0 63b1 45w1 27b0 31w½ 22w0 59b½3,026,018,510,00
51Wålinder Jonas1835SWE 6w0 75b1 20w½ 31b½ 45w½ 32b0 55w½3,025,518,59,50
52Tillman Jan-Olof1862SWE 7b0 61w1 17b0 73w1 10b0 68w1 26b03,025,518,57,00
53Karlsson Roger1874SWE 11w0 59b1 30w½ 19b0 55w1 45b0 58w½3,025,518,09,50
54Dale Svein1736NOR 10b½ 22w0 72b½ 39w½ 43b½ 40w0 70b13,024,017,09,00
55Granholm Johan1483SWE 22b½ 10w0 39b0 67w1 53b0 66w1 51b½3,024,016,58,75
56Frisk Anders1808SWE 8b0 78w1 41b½ 20b0 75w1 33w0 57b½3,023,016,56,75
57Weinö Per1448SWE 34w½ 37b0 38w0 76b1 62b1 41w0 56w½3,022,016,58,25
58Pietarinen Alexander1567SWE 1b0 40w0 78b1 36w0 81b1 62w½ 53b½3,022,014,55,50
59Wickström Carina1627SWE 44b0 53w0 82b1 40w1 42b0 43w½ 50w½3,020,516,57,25
60Barkman Rolf1827SWE 5b0 82w1 29b0 61w0 72b1 73w1 44b03,020,514,54,50
61Hansen Jesper1548SWE 45w0 52b0 77w1 60b1 49w0 48b0 71w13,020,014,57,00
62Ullberg Stefan1786SWE 30w0 77b1 34w0 75b½ 57w0 58b½ 74w13,019,513,56,50
63Munkejord Trond1529NOR 29b0 50w0 79b1 70w0 40b0 81w1 73b13,017,012,04,50
64Forsberg Gunnar1691SWE 17b0 39w1 67b1 44w½ 19w0 31b0 38w02,526,019,07,75
65Bull Hakon1782NOR 26b0 79w1 28b0 72w1 41b½ 18w0 -02,523,017,05,25
66Stensson Conny1623SWE 37w½ 13b0 49w0 81w1 39b0 55b0 80w12,520,014,54,25
67Stolpe Kjell1683SWE 27w0 49b½ 64w0 55b0 79b1 75w1 43b02,519,514,05,00
68Klerdal Filip1000SWE 43b0 73w0 -1 46w0 74b1 52b0 72w½2,518,012,55,00
69Gyllenhammar Gustav1200SWE 18b0 46w0 81b0 82w1 71b0 72w½ 79b12,515,010,03,00
70Alwaeli Looay1824IRQ 9w0 76b1 21w0 63b1 35w0 37b0 54w02,024,517,55,00
71Moberg Reidar1752SWE 15b0 80w1 42w0 45b0 69w1 47b0 61b02,022,016,04,00
72Sandgren Per-Olov1497SWE 20w0 38b½ 54w½ 65b0 60w0 69b½ 68b½2,021,515,05,50
73Bengtzelius Ante1741SWE 19w0 68b1 47w0 52b0 80w1 60b0 63w02,020,514,53,50
74Eriksson Olle1699SWE 16w0 47b0 76w1 48b0 68w0 77b1 62b02,020,514,04,00
75Svenneling Matz1448SWE 41b0 51w0 80b1 62w½ 56b0 67b0 76w½2,018,513,54,00
76Fridén Jan1385SWE 28b0 70w0 74b0 57w0 78b1 79w½ 75b½2,016,010,53,25
77Cederqvist Lucas1300SWE 33b0 62w0 61b0 79w0 82b1 74w0 81b12,014,510,51,50
78Kockum Anders1243SWE 35w0 56b0 58w0 80b0 76w0 -1 82b12,014,010,02,00
79Hansen Jonathan1123SWE 32w0 65b0 63w0 77b1 67w0 76b½ 69w01,518,513,03,00
80Klerdal Kristina800SWE 42w0 71b0 75w0 78w1 73b0 82w½ 66b01,514,010,01,75
81Ledin Nils1459SWE 21w0 48b0 69w1 66b0 58w0 63b0 77w01,021,014,52,50
82Frisk Kenneth1307SWE 31w0 60b0 59w0 69b0 77w0 80b½ 78w00,517,512,00,75

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break2: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (variabel with parameter)
Tie Break3: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break variable