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Oban Challengers

Last update 20.11.2016 18:21:09, Creator/Last Upload: lara barnes ia

Starting rank

1Patrick David AENG1867England
2Cawston M JohnENG1820England
3Clegg RobertENG1791England
4Macqueen AndrewSCO1750Giffnock
5Procter Colin SENG1717England
6Kleboe James P RSCO1710Kilmarnock
7Campbell Alistair W ISCO1693Edinburgh West
8Moore RobinSCO1683Greenwood
9Smith Stephen HSCO1676Stirling
10Clinton WilliamSCO1649Livingston
11Watson JamesSCO1647Glasgow Polytechnic
12Murray FrankieSCO1632East Kilbride
13Volland BenSCO1626Dunfermline
14Aitchison A KeithSCO1625Edinburgh
15O`mahoney Mike JENG1622England
16Robertson JimSCO1524East Kilbride
17Walters Philip JSCO1519Austin Friars
18Mcewan PeterSCO1407Bearsden
19Birkett CallumSCO1397Inverness
20Alomenu GilbertSCO1288Glasgow Polytechnic