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1st Maldives Chess Federation Junior Open Chess Championship Under 12 Boys

Last update 20.11.2016 12:21:15, Creator/Last Upload: maldives

Starting rank

1Mishaal Ismail MahmoodMDV0
2Yanaal Ali NaseerMDV0
3Mohamed Yaman YassinMDV0
4Ahmed RafhanMDV0
5Mohamed Saalim Abdul SamadMDV0
6Ahmed Abaan IbrahimMDV0
7Ahmed Rushdhaan RashidMDV0
8Mohamed Razaan IbrahimMDV0
9Mohamed AanifMDV0
10Mohamed Nibaal HussainMDV0
11Anoof Ali HameedMDV0
12Ibrahim Layan MohamedMDV0
13Yusuf Hassan AdamMDV0
14Ali Alyan AswanMDV0
15Ahmed Iflaah SaleemMDV0
16Ahmed Shaeem MohamedMDV0