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19. Challenge Hasi Schmitz

Last update 05.11.2016 17:31:18, Creator/Last Upload: schachklub wasserbillig

Starting rank

1IMBerend FredLUX2337DUD
2Kaber ClaudeLUX2050WAS
3Ludewig RobertLUX1881BET
4Hengel GuyLUX1845BET
5Daniel GalassiLUX1675WAS
6Georges NeuLUX1585WAS
7Schwenk BenjaminLUX1585WAS
8Olivier MerayLUX1526DOB
9Jean-Paul AlbertyLUX1491JUN
10Rassouldad PopalzaiLUX1436JUN
11Donini CarloLUX1354BET
12Claude RoccoLUX1350JUN