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Schachclub Neumarkt Halloweenturnier 2016

Last update 08.11.2016 09:45:45, Creator/Last Upload: schachclub neumarkt

Starting rank

1Burgstaller BastianAUT938Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
2Janser LaurinAUT808Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
3Eichler LaraAUT800Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
4Küng SimonAUT800Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
5Rehlendt YannikAUT800Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
6Roider ThomasAUT800Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
7Hager SandraAUT0Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
8Homolya DavidAUT0Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
9Kittl ChristophAUT0Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee
10Mühlberger FlorianAUT0Sc Neumarkt/Wallersee