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O.FI.S 2016

Last update 20.12.2016 22:16:07, Creator/Last Upload: greek chess federation

Starting rank

1Tsakas NikolasGRE1700O.FIS
2Loizou LefterisCYP1689OFIS
3Loizou Stelios5901677CYP1679Ofis
4Zacharoplastis Pambos5900603CYP1659Ofis
5Ioannides AndreasCYP1550Nicosia
6Markides Markellos5903521CYP1536Ofis
7Karathymios Konstantinos5904218CYP1500Ofis
8Tsanakkas AggelosCYP1455ofis
9Issari AthinaGRE1400ofis
10Antoniou RafailCYP1320Nicosia
11Loizou Elli5901510CYP1310Ofis
12Pantelides Loizos5903173CYP1260Ofis
13Ioannides Liu LianCYP1188Nicosia
14Ioannides AliceCYP1100Nicosia
15Kaouras AndreasCYP0ofis
16Kirkos AndreasCYP0OFIS