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SemaraH Hotel Lielupe amateurs to 1600 Jurmala I

Last update 01.03.2017 19:06:45, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank

1Pakalns Raivis Kristians11607483LAT1582U16Riga Chess school
2Zags Tomass11611170LAT1517U16Riga Chess school
3Narva Mart4503767EST1290U14SK Reval-Sport
4Smirnova Jekaterina4508556EST1156wU12Lootuse Malekool
5Taraikovski Mikhail13513338BLR1104U14
6Kolar Karl-Ustav4508955EST1092U14SK Reval-Sport
7Hannus Lola4506774EST0wU10Tartu
8Hudilainen Mihhail4510372EST0U10Lootuse Malekool
9Narva Jaan Oskar4508866EST0U12SK Reval-Sport
10Ott Karl Eric4511085EST0U10Tartu
11Panfilova Jelizaveta4510178EST0wU10Lootuse Malekool
12Pool Linda Maria4508882EST0wU10Tartu
13Snitsarenko Igor4509498EST0U10