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Jurmala Round Robin IM norm-2017

Last update 03.03.2017 13:17:14, Creator/Last Upload: riga chess federation

Starting rank list of players

9IMCarlstedt Jonathan24614386GER2424Hamburger SK
5FMSylvan Jacob1402137DEN2416Nordkalotten
7IMStets Dmitry14104547UKR2415
1GMShvyrjov Igor4500490EST2410
3FMKristensen Kaare Hove1400940DEN2393Nordkalotten
4FMBernotas Arturs11601426LAT2332Riga
8FMJacobsen Mikkel Manosri1444514DEN2300BMS Skakklub
6FMSaulespurens Valdis2010623USA2241
2WIMHeinemann Josefine12900460GER2231SG Aufbau Elbe Magdeburg
10Sahil Tickoo5019710IND2228Faridabad