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Int.Chess Holiday 2009 H31

Last update 07.08.2009 14:45:42, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

5Svitak DavidCZE1872Sk Oaza Praha
2Fiala JanCZE1772Sokol Cesky Brod
7Malek MartinCZE1763Sokol Praha-Kobylisy
9Koller MartinCZE1750Sokol Cesky Brod
4Sedivy OndrejCZE1721Sokol Cesky Brod
3Veselsky JanCZE1715Sk Praha-Smichov
6Istel OldrichCZE1706Tj Praga Praha
8Sarson OndrejCZE1695Sachovy Klub Lokomotiva B
1Lorenc DavidCZE1673Sk Line
10Kuenne Lutz Dieter DrGER1601
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