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Pertandingan Catur Piala ADUN Bangi 2016 Yang Ke-4 Kategori Bawah 12 Tahun

Last update 17.10.2016 03:18:05, Creator/Last Upload: cerdik catur ent.

Player info

NameSyed Firdaus Asyraaf Syed Hashim
Starting rank1
Rating national1469
Rating international0
Performance rating1504
Year of birth 2009


1138Muhammad Habibullah Mohd Sofian0MAS3,0s 1
2130Muhamamad Aqlan Anuar0MASSRITI5,0w 1
3111Mohd Nazri Arfan Mohd Nazroel1091MAS4,0s 1
416Mohd Nazri Aizad Mohd Nazroel1282MAS5,0w 1
513Muhammad Farid Haidzir1412MAS6,5s 0
628Amirthen Yohann Sinnapar1212MAS5,0w 1
724Muhammad Naqib Syabani1370MASSK Bdr Baru Bangi5,0s 1