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Nordic Championship 2016

Last update 30.10.2016 14:46:58, Creator/Last Upload: Jouni Lehtivaara

Starting rank list of players

2GMHammer Jon Ludvig1503707NOR2628
9GMBlomqvist Erik1709437SWE2541
8GMSmith Axel1707930SWE2506
10IMSalomon Johan1509500NOR2498
3IMKarttunen Mika502081FIN2450
6FMOchsner Bjørn Møller1416928DEN2428
7IMKjartansson Guðmundur2301318ISL2427
4IMSipilä Vilka505455FIN2417
5IMJensson Einar Hjalti2301067ISL2378
1FMPercivaldi Martin1508148DEN2373
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