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ASEAN Age Group Under - 16 Girls

Last update 26.06.2005 08:27:12, Creator/Last Upload:

Starting rank

1WFMWCM Nur Shazwani ZullkafliMAS2138
2WFMWFM Pham Bich NgocVIE2068
3WFMWFM Irene Kharisma SukanderINA2010
4Tay Li-Jin JeslinSGP2010
5WCM Sia Xin-Yun SuzannaSGP1964
6WFMWCM Liu YangSGP1958
7WFMWFM Luong Nhat LinhVIE0
8Le Thi HaVIE0
9Loh Shi-En ElizabethSGP0
10Mai Thien Kim Ngoc DiepVIE0
11Nguyen Thi Thu QuyenVIE0
12Pham Thi Thu HienVIE0
13Siti Khalillah Hj HussinBRU0
14Soh Wan-Cheng DeniseSGP0