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YCC Rapid Week1 Yaounde Chess Club Rapid Wee1

Last update 02.10.2016 00:55:29, Creator/Last Upload: cameroon chess-federation

Starting rank list of players

1IMAmba Oyon Marius Claude16400240CMR1911
2CMMakem Pierre11000805CMR1842
3Mbusnoum Henri Celestin15800067CMR1729
4Ikouti Elie16400364CMR1688
8Eloundou Banack Herve Joseph16400755CMR0
5Gnounewou Seraphin Fopa16400356CMR0
10Mandeng Jacques Faustin16401042CMR0
6Massa Martial16401069CMR0
7Noutchegueme Alain-Didier16401050CMR0
9Nzouwo Fomazou Bernis16400437CMR0