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2016 Witney Rapidplay Junior Major

Last update 25.09.2016 18:38:24, Creator/Last Upload: alexholowczak

Starting rank

1Fowler Jonathan135Cheltenham
2Read William (bill)438235123Witney
3Ives Leonora110Cumnor
4Zakarian Dimitrios Levon109Oxfordshire Juniors
5Rayner Hugo108Witney
6Weaver Gabriel67600034106Dragon School
7Prasad Suyash Srikanta45028338103Lynch Hill
8Khan Samir44762599Widcombe Junior
9Beneat Frederick44917296Witney
10Murawski Pawel93Oxfordshire Juniors
11Gillow Matthew91None
12Dupuis Denis86None
13Aubury Ben84Dragon School
14Wiratunga Jenith Ay77Cowley
15Anand Shreyas861572172Kidlington
16Soanes Joshua T72Witney
17Ashraf Zoha71Brookfield Primary
18Bridson Ewan71St. Joseph's
19Sanyal Sarthak70Coventry Ca
20Parnes Shira69Oxfordshire Juniors
21Cassar Delia Nikolai68Bicester Junior
22Maydew Zach44848665Newport
23Panicker Advaith65Cowley
24Panicker Sidharth65Cowley
25Lucas Pip61Oxfordshire Juniors
26Kardashyan George58Oxford
27Kurtaz Tomas58Oxfordshire Juniors
28Frost Oliver W47Oxfordshire Juniors
29Mcandrew Maximilian0Oxfordshire Juniors
30Robinson Sean0None
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