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SKBN-Vereinsmeisterschaft 2017 -Gruppe A-

Last update 28.05.2017 01:03:34, Creator/Last Upload: schachklub bremen-nord

Starting rank list of players

9Bleecke Sebastian129411311957SK Bremen-Nord
1Lunkmoss Gerhard46410861949SK Bremen-Nord
10Rockmann J-O129421111854SK Bremen-Nord
2Pundt Wilfried46948991831SK Bremen-Nord
3Hattenhauer Klaus12710231793SK Bremen-Nord
5Bleecke Hans129952741782SK Bremen-Nord
4Seeger Ernst129874841699SK Bremen-Nord
7Röhl Bernd12716071647SK Bremen-Nord
6Morisse Heinz129874681583SK Bremen-Nord
8Rockmann-B. Claas129678311471SK Bremen-Nord