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Int.Chess Holiday 2009 V11

Last update 27.07.2009 09:39:18, Creator/Last Upload: chess federation of the czech republic

Starting rank list of players

2Hampl BohumilCZE1539SK Bohnice
7Lundberg ViktorSWE1522Schackalen
3Skotnicky SimonSVK1519Caissa Cadca
8Abelyan MuradCZE1511 Bohemians Praha
4Vesely JiriCZE1510Praga Praha
9Stoll RichardGER1500Trier
5Dobias DanielCZE1493Sk Oaza Praha
6Simova PaulaCZE1471Slavia Presov
1Larscheid HeinzGER1444Schachklub Heimerzheim
10Zabehlicky JiriCZE1413Sokol Cesky Brod
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