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SS Manhems klubbmasterskap KM-gruppen

Last update 07.12.2016 00:35:42, Creator/Last Upload: ssmanhem

Starting rank list of players

1Al Hadarani Hatim9400273SWE2247
4Storme Isak1728113SWE2154
2Bengtsson Jonas1715135SWE2084
3Clevers Egbert1022962NLD2068
5Laith Kasib4801059SWE2067
6Svensson Soren1714937SWE2009
7Andreasson Vincent1721321SWE1972
9Oxelqvist Martin1718061SWE1911
8Hattab Hashim1721798SWE1910
10Torngren Gustav1728970SWE1835