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Elm Mount Club Championships 2016 Section A

Last update 10.09.2016 20:48:54, Creator/Last Upload: pat fitzsimons

Starting rank list of players

1Jakubauskas Zygimantas12801046LTU2102Elm Mount
4Quinn Ciaran2500817IRL2041Elm Mount
2cmMacElligott Gerard2500647IRL2037Elm Mount
3Marzec Karol1128787POL2037Elm Mount
11MacDonagh Alan2502682IRL1920Elm Mount
7Dunne Oliver2502470IRL1913Elm Mount
9O' Rourke Ray2501023IRL1908Elm Mount
6Boyle Bernard2501830IRL1889Elm Mount
10Armstrong Fred2502089IRL1820Elm Mount
5O' Neill Paul2507692IRL1811Elm Mount
8Melaugh Shane2509580IRL1718Elm Mount