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North American Junior (U-20) Girls Chess Championship 2016, USA

Last update 06.09.2016 01:21:00, Creator: utdallas,Last Upload: william broich

Starting rank

1Yip Carissa2090732USA2170
2WFMNguyen Emily2054000USA2057
3WFMDevagharan Devina2061600USA1872
4WCMMatus Nastassja A2097443USA1848
5WCMTrakru Priya2072491USA1836
6Wang Constance2615657CAN1822
7Nayberg Simona2075180USA1807
8Cheng AngelaUSA1783
9Kao Camille Y2076462USA1781
10Li Rachael30929849USA1696
11Abella Clarissa L2075431USA1642
12WCMLopez Sanchez Anastacia Anton5115825MEX1587
13WCMYellamraju Ambica30930359USA1514
14Yellamraju Aparna30930367USA1445