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24. Schwarzacher Open HAUPTTURNIER

Last update 23.08.2009 15:03:23, Creator/Last Upload: schachlandesverband salzburg

Final Ranking crosstable after 9 Rounds

Rk.NameRtgFED1.Rd2.Rd3.Rd4.Rd5.Rd6.Rd7.Rd8.Rd9.RdPts. TB1  TB2  TB3 
1GMZelcic Robert2554CRO 65w1 41b1 19w½ 11b1 14w1 10b½ 6w½ 9b1 2w½7,044,032,52354
2IMWomacka Mathias2429GER 52b1 15w1 10w½ 6b½ 13w1 7b½ 8b½ 12w1 1b½6,547,035,32401
3IMDanner Georg2450AUT 30w1 11b½ 16w1 10b0 7w½ 15b1 19w1 6b½ 18w16,544,534,82292
4IMRoos Daniel2431FRA 34w½ 39b1 11w0 44b1 26w1 19b½ 17w1 10b1 6w½6,541,031,82259
5MKWiesinger Robert2272AUT 31w½ 34b1 7w½ 19b½ 48w½ 16b½ 39w1 11b1 13w16,540,531,82198
6GMJovanovic Zoran2525CRO 35b1 27w1 12b½ 2w½ 15b1 8w½ 1b½ 3w½ 4b½6,048,534,02358
7IMDoric Nenad2352CRO 21b½ 61w1 5b½ 20w1 3b½ 2w½ 24b1 14w½ 8b½6,046,030,52251
8GMMarcelin Cyril2498FRA 36w1 37b1 38w1 14b½ 10w½ 6b½ 2w½ 13b½ 7w½6,044,030,52369
9IMSmirnov Artem2449RUS 47b1 20w1 14b0 15w0 35b1 42w1 38b1 1w0 24b16,040,526,02219
10GMPalac Mladen2582CRO 42b1 28w1 2b½ 3w1 8b½ 1w½ 12b½ 4w0 14b½5,548,530,82382
11FMRolletschek Heinrich2213AUT 43b1 3w½ 4b1 1w0 25b1 12w0 33b1 5w0 32b15,546,027,82267
12Labeckas Kestutis2400LAT 40w1 17b1 6w½ 13b½ 19w½ 11b1 10w½ 2b0 16w½5,545,028,82329
13IMStarostits Ilmars2482LAT 44b1 24w½ 23b1 12w½ 2b0 20w1 14b1 8w½ 5b05,545,027,82293
14FMPlatzgummer Fabian2308AUT 46w1 49b1 9w1 8w½ 1b0 39b1 13w0 7b½ 10w½5,544,526,32365
15Meier Alexander2146AUT 57w1 2b0 22w1 9b1 6w0 3w0 45b½ 41b1 30w15,542,524,52241
16Cucinella Vincenzo2152ITA 58b1 23w½ 3b0 50w1 33b½ 5w½ 25b½ 38w1 12b½5,541,023,82212
17Bonnaud Remy2204FRA 63b1 12w0 21b1 47w½ 32b½ 43w1 4b0 42w1 23b½5,538,021,52146
18IMMedancic Rikard2261CRO 22w½ 31b½ 44w½ 30b½ 36w1 48b½ 47w1 19b1 3b05,537,523,82133
19FMVan Dooren Dirk2308NED 50b1 25w1 1b½ 5w½ 12b½ 4w½ 3b0 18w0 45b15,046,525,32285
20Cremer Jochen2161GER 51w1 9b0 31w1 7b0 55w1 13b0 21w½ 22b½ 43w15,039,520,02116
21Bochis Julia2053GER 7w½ 26b½ 17w0 29b1 41w1 38b0 20b½ 33w½ 42b15,039,023,32197
22Knoblauch Leonhard2000GER 18b½ 33w½ 15b0 27w½ 50b½ 49b1 26w½ 20w½ 38b15,038,521,82184
23FMNeulinger Manfred2293AUT 48w1 16b½ 13w0 40b1 39w0 44b1 30w½ 25b½ 17w½5,038,021,82156
24Hell Pascal2177FRA 64w1 13b½ 41w½ 39b½ 38w½ 32b1 7w0 43b1 9w05,038,018,32206
25Egle Stefan2137GER 53w1 19b0 56w1 38b½ 11w0 40b1 16w½ 23w½ 27b½5,037,520,32121
26Laqua Christian2181GER 61b½ 21w½ 54b1 32w½ 4b0 45w½ 22b½ 47w1 28b½5,037,020,02085
27Legahn Dirk2206GER 62w1 6b0 40w0 22b½ 56w1 31b½ 48w1 30b½ 25w½5,036,018,52086
28CMPopa Claudio2233ITA 29w1 10b0 30w½ 46b½ 40w½ 47b0 56w1 48b1 26w½5,035,520,32113
29Vidalis Evagelos1991GRE 28b0 35w0 63b1 21w0 58b½ 60w1 34w½ 62b1 39w15,031,014,82013
30Schnegg Daniel2092AUT 3b0 43w1 28b½ 18w½ 47b1 33w½ 23b½ 27w½ 15b04,541,020,02205
31Niedermeier Thomas2027GER 5b½ 18w½ 20b0 37b½ 34w1 27w½ 42b0 35w½ 49b14,539,521,02182
32Frenkel Alexander1995GER 37w0 36b1 49w1 26b½ 17w½ 24w0 35b1 39b½ 11w04,538,519,82173
33Schulenburg Fabian2198GER 56w½ 22b½ 48w½ 57b1 16w½ 30b½ 11w0 21b½ 34w½4,537,018,52053
34Wieser Rupert2070AUT 4b½ 5w0 45b½ 60w½ 31b0 57w1 29b½ 55w1 33b½4,536,517,32049
35Wimmer Alfred2108GER 6w0 29b1 55w½ 41b½ 9w0 62b1 32w0 31b½ 51w14,536,516,82103
36Chin Karin2101GER 8b0 32w0 59b1 58w1 18b0 51w1 43b0 40w½ 47b14,535,015,02058
37Stephan Axel2253GER 32b1 8w0 47b0 31w½ 43b0 58w1 40b½ 45w½ 48b14,534,017,32059
38IMZakharchenko Arnold2292UKR 45b1 60w1 8b0 25w½ 24b½ 21w1 9w0 16b0 22w04,041,516,52139
39Rieling Thomas2144GER 55b1 4w0 60b1 24w½ 23b1 14w0 5b0 32w½ 29b04,040,515,32115
40Wegerer Josef2063AUT 12b0 63w1 27b1 23w0 28b½ 25w0 37w½ 36b½ 41w½4,038,516,02204
41WIMFranciskovic Borka2262CRO 54b1 1w0 24b½ 35w½ 21b0 50w½ 55b1 15w0 40b½4,038,515,02108
42Meyer-Cording Claus2133GER 10w0 56b½ 51w1 55b½ 46w1 9b0 31w1 17b0 21w04,038,015,02113
43Benson Oisin P1967IRL 11w0 30b0 64w1 49b1 37w1 17b0 36w1 24w0 20b04,038,013,52143
44Ventura Sergio2101ITA 13w0 62b1 18b½ 4w0 60b1 23w0 50b½ 46w0 55b14,036,512,52120
45Hulpia Fabian2028BEL 38w0 53b½ 34w½ 56b½ 57w1 26b½ 15w½ 37b½ 19w04,035,016,02083
46Seisenberger Georg2052GER 14b0 59w½ 61b1 28w½ 42b0 55w0 63w1 44b1 -04,029,012,52045
47Lipp Alfred2091AUT 9w0 64b1 37w1 17b½ 30w0 28w1 18b0 26b0 36w03,540,513,32187
48MKWersching Alfred2031AUT 23b0 58w1 33b½ 54w1 5b½ 18w½ 27b0 28w0 37w03,539,514,82175
49Quaranta Cristiano2172ITA 59b1 14w0 32b0 43w0 63b1 22w0 61w1 50b½ 31w03,534,09,32012
50Helmschrott Otto2036GER 19w0 57b½ 53w1 16b0 22w½ 41b½ 44w½ 49w½ -03,533,013,32069
51Kücher Wolfgang1908AUT 20b0 52w½ 42b0 59w½ 54b1 36b0 62w½ 63w1 35b03,531,510,02047
52Stolzlechner Thomas2066AUT 2w0 51b½ 57w0 53b½ 62w0 61b0 -1 58b1 54w½3,530,08,31954
53Marinaccio Christian1626ITA 25b0 45w½ 50b0 52w½ 61b½ 56b0 58w½ -1 57w½3,530,08,01985
54Lorenz Michael2023GER 41w0 65b1 26w0 48b0 51w0 59b½ 57b½ 61w1 52b½3,529,57,32034
55Jahnke Manfred1808GER 39w0 -1 35b½ 42w½ 20b0 46b1 41w0 34b0 44w03,035,08,32129
56Wagner Dirk1935GER 33b½ 42w½ 25b0 45w½ 27b0 53w1 28b0 59w½ -03,034,511,32059
57Flatz Helmut1932AUT 15b0 50w½ 52b1 33w0 45b0 34b0 54w½ 60w½ 53b½3,032,010,01994
58Frijling Jeroen1834NED 16w0 48b0 62w1 36b0 29w½ 37b0 53b½ 52w0 63b13,032,08,82015
59Kuttnig Roland1908AUT 49w0 46b½ 36w0 51b½ -0 54w½ 60b1 56b½ -03,029,59,51992
60Pascali Frederic1756ITA -1 38b0 39w0 34b½ 44w0 29b0 59w0 57b½ 61b½2,533,05,02044
61Campanella Giovanni1912ITA 26w½ 7b0 46w0 62b0 53w½ 52w1 49b0 54b0 60w½2,531,59,02021
62Ferk Martin1964AUT 27b0 44w0 58b0 61w1 52b1 35w0 51b½ 29w0 -02,530,57,82016
63Maffeo Mauro1955ITA 17w0 40b0 29w0 64b1 49w0 -1 46b0 51b0 58w02,033,51,02017
64Rutten David1910NED 24b0 47w0 43b0 63w0 -1 -0 -0 -0 -01,018,50,02048
65Campanile Antonio2110ITA 1b0 54w0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -0 -00,010,50,02289

Tie Break1: Buchholz Tie-Breaks (without one result)
Tie Break2: Sonneborn-Berger-Tie-Break (with real points)
Tie Break3: rating average of the opponents