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Zoen 3.1 (Men) Chess Championship 2009

Last update 28.06.2009 22:42:45, Creator/Last Upload: yemen chess federation

Starting rank list of players

1GMAl-Modiahki MohamadQAT2585
6IMAl Sayed Mohamad N.QAT2496
4GMSalem A.R. SalehUAE2479
9IMAl Qudaimi BasheerYEM2423
3IMKhader SamiJOR2402
10IMAhmad AzizJawad ObadaIRQ2379
5FMBakr JwanSYR2367
7FMKhairallah FaisalLBN2338
2FMAl-Hadarani HatimYEM2264
8Bukhalaf KhalilBRN0